Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Second Wave

Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I posted anything on my earlier personal blog which was blocked and now the account is unrecoverable thanks to my cousin who managed to piss me off yet again(YOU HAD TO USE MY PHONE TO MAKE CALLS WORTH Rs.20,000 TO YOUR EXCUSE OF A NOW EX-BF BLOCKING MY PHONE AND MANAGING TO BLOCK MY ACCOUNT SOMEHOW, YOU WILL SUFFER IN THE PITS OF HELL). But anyway the blog remains is stasis and is there for everyone to see(meaning i'll re-post stuff on my Facebook timeline or twitter and tag you on it over and over).

However my thoughts on everything have changed a lot since then. For some reason the quiet and toned down inquisitive mind yet accepting of bare facts has changed because I found the fact that there is chaos beneath all the calm that lies. So Frankly this blog will not only share my thoughts but will also be a stage to display my rants, my constant bitching, what I like and why, what I don't and why you suck if you don't agree with me because if you strip down any person to their basic emotions this is what they'll come down to.

I remember when I thought everything was so simple. But then I also had a nagging friend constantly bugging me every point of time except while doing a Mr. India when I needed help. Also I had(and still have) a sorry life which revolves around books, studies and the fact that everyone considers you a loser because you've reached the point where you have to ramble about it on a blog which only 2 people will care to read and that too after I constantly nag a 1,000 into giving in and clicking the link.

And this is the reason the I gave this blog its title because all that I've seen experienced both internally and otherwise is making me go insane and am losing my mind. I'm sure you know what I mean. You don't? Well here's something to refresh your memory.

It's only a matter of time my brains desert me as well, but being a Gupta I know I make some money by renting it out.
But you can only survive in this world if you yourself are insane/retarded thus my point of view is the best. OH YOU DON'T AGREE? WHO ASKED YOU TO READ? GO ON ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS THEN. Your Sunday Brunch or the morning breakfast which you have in the car, running down the staircase  everyday while running for work, only to be just in the nick of time and sitting in your cubicles staring at your computers and clickety clack typing away to god knows what. But if you are one of the two that may agree then you already know me well enough and........don't read this......ummm at all. Oh what the hell. For once I'm blogging for me and not to please anyone and damn it feels soooo good like an orgasm, no not like an orgasm ummmm oh forget it you get the gist.
This is me and this is my blog and I'll come to bother you again later because I have a lot to write and not enough space or time to put it. YEAH I'M ALSO BUSY AT TIMES. Busy eating, sleeping or watching the telly or reading a novel or what ever humany wumany stuff I feel like doing.
So anyway again bye.

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